About us

Dear friends you are most welcome to our website https://www.moneyvalue365.com.  This website is created on mission of “Financial Awareness and Financial Freedom for all”. We take due care, adequate research and proper studies related to the various blogs which are being posted on our website for general information about money, business, finance, banking, loans, insurance, investment in share market, mutual funds, crypto currencies, passive income, wealth creation, financial freedom etc. and just to spread financial education & awareness among the general public so we can help them to achieve their financial needs/goals in life easily.

We also think that sensitization public about passive income sources and creating habits for money saving & right investing will lead to early financial freedom and true independence of general public who still struggling need proper financial education/knowledge, awareness, guidance and support about money management, savings & investments, tax planning, creating own business, passive income sources etc.

We can see that large population of India is still not fully educated or aware about banking system, how to deal with financial matters, loans, credit cards, money management, saving/investment schemes due to which they are not able to create more value to their hard-earned money and they usually left with no money or less money over the period of time and mostly keep fighting/struggling for their livelihood/financial needs.

Even well-educated and well qualified professionals/practitioners or businessmen/enterpreneurs are not able to save their money and create desired wealth in their life despite of their years of hard work and time investment into their business or profession due to lack of proper financial knowledge.

So for the awareness of general public in this direction, I thought to create this website under the name of https://www.moneyvalue365.com and take a noble cause challenge myself to provide my deep insight on various money and finance related topics through this website based on my knowledge and working experience of almost 23+years in this field.

Dear friends, my name is Raj Kumar Dhiman and I am Chartered Accountant + Master of Commerce (M.Com) from Kurukshetra University. During my past work experience of 23+years, I have served in corporate sector and I achieved position of CFO in MNC Group over the period of time with my sincere hard work and consistent progress in finance and accounts.

During my working for past so many years, I have learnt lots of things and got rich exposure in the areas of auditing, accounts & finance, taxations, banking, export-import, budgeting & forecasting, MIS reporting, financial planning & management, business management, corporate compliances, tax planning, fund-raisings, project reports for new projects, Govt. liasioning, dealing with various matters related clients, vendors & govt. departments, employees taxations, TDS, Service Tax, GST, charitable societies/trusts, startups, , problem solving and implementing systems, policies and various SOPs to ensure uninterrupted services in the organization.

Now I have taken this initiative that I should share my knowledge and long-time work experience in the field of finance with general public through this website which I was doing for few organizations/business owners in the past. I strongly believe that if we do something for the betterment and for help of the society, then God surely payback us in form of prosperity, peace and true happiness in our life.

How my work will help you?

If you are really serious about making more and more money in your life, want to create passive income and willing to build wealth for your future financial freedom then you need to know/learn more about various financial aspects which can impact your business/profession, only then you can take better financial decisions to achieve your financial goals in your day to day life. If you are looking for such kind of platform then this is the place for you.

I don’t say that you may find answers to all your questions here as I still have to learn a lot and I keep continue myself learning new things during this journey of life. However, I feel very happy to share whatever I have learned during my journey as CA professional till now.

Best wishes,

Raj Kumar Dhiman, CA, M.COM (K.U.K.)